LTC admissibility when fare is less than LTC-80 fare

Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance had earlier vide its Office Memorandum No: 7(1)/E.Coord/2008 dated 4.12.2008 restricted the Air Travel on LTC to Air India's LTC fare only with effect from 1.1.2008.

Now, based the references for admissibility of LTC claims of Government officials in cases where the air fare paid for travel by Air India happens to less than LTC-80 class of Air India, Department of Expenditure clarifies that reimbursement of air fare lower than the LTC 80 aire fare of Air India will also be admissible for journeys performed by Air India under LTC as the intention is to ensure that the LTC claim should not be in any case, exceed LTC-80 fare of India.

For more details download this Office Memorandum F.No: 19024/1/2009-E.IV dated 04-03-2011

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