One Time relaxation for LTC Air India Tickets not purchased from authorised agents

One Time relaxation for LTC Air India Tickets not purchased from authorised agents

Air India LTC 80 tickets not purchased from authorised agents – Govt agreed in Meeting with Staff Side of Central Government Employees to provide one time relaxation

Shiva Gopal Mishra

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September, 2019

The Secretary
Government Of India
Department of Personnel and Training
North Block
New Delhi

Sub: Grant of one time relaxation to the Central Govt. Employees who have availed LTC-80 and travelled by air by purchasing ticket from authorities other than authorized agents

Dear sir,

The above demand was discussed as Item No.15 of the standing committee meeting of the National Council (JCM) held on 7-3-2019. The extract from the minutes of the above meeting is gives below for your kind ready reference.

Staff side proposed that

a) if the employee has actually travelled in Air India flight, then the LTC-80 fare of the journey day may be paid to him irrespective of the fact that ticket was purchased from authorized agent or not. Any excess amount over and above the LTC-80 fare can be recovered;

b) No disciplinary action and stoppage of future LTC may be taken;

c) A general instruction in this regard may be issued to all the Departments to regularize all the pending LTC-80 cases as above.

‘Chairman agreed to consider the demand of the staff side’.

Sir, as agreed in the meeting a general instruction as above has not yet been issued by the DOP&T. It is therefore requested that since the employees are subjected to undue hardship, necessary instructions in this regard may please be issued at the earliest.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

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