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KV Schools – Admission to Class XI – Relaxation in criteria

KV Schools – Admission to Class XI – Relaxation in criteria





Deputy Commissioner

All Regional offices

Sub : admission to Class XI, relaxation in criteria thereof.


By now all schools under your jurisdiction would have applied the criteria as laid down in the admission guidelines 2012. for various streams of class XI and completed the admission process for Students of KV. They might also have extended fresh admissions to eligible candidates of other institutions in the order of priority laid down up to July 31st 2012.

As you have all been a part of the decision regarding increasing the cut off subject wise as well as CGPA, yet at the end of the exercise you might have a situation where some of the schools still have an appreciable number of vacancies in a particular stream.

First and foremost you are requested to assess the number of such schools under your jurisdiction where the enrollment is below the prescribed class strength of 40 and disseminate the following instructions as per the decision taken by the competent authority to ensure optimum utilization of resources.

From among the applicants of KV students admissions shall be made in different streams in relaxation of rules as indicated up to class strength of

Sl.No. Stream Criteria
1. Science with mathematics CGPA:7.2;Science:B2;Math:B2
2. Science without mathematics CGPA:7.2; Science:B2
3. Commerce with Mathematics CGPA:6.2; Math:B2
4. Commerce without Mathematics CGPA:6.2;
5. Humanities with Mathematics CGPA; All declared passed ;Math:B2
6. Humanities with Economics CGPA: 6

In case even after the concession seats remain vacant the same shall be extended to students of other institutions in the prescribed order of priority for which the last date of admission may be extended to 31st August 2012.

Further the following clarification / partial modification in concessional clause in respect of special category of students may be brought to the notice of the Principals for admissions of KV TC cases.

Clause a) of page-7 of admission guide lines 2012: SC/ST students Concession: To be read as up scaling by one grade in not more than two subjects only and 0.4 enhancement in CGPA. This would may not more than 0.8 increase of CGPA (0.4 by way of subject wise up scaling and 0.4 advantage in CGPA direct)

Clause a) of page-7 of admission guide lines 2012: Games and sports etc Concession:

The relaxation hitherto allowed only in CGPA can be redistributed among subjects in a matter that not more than two subject are up scaled at any time and the remaining credit directly added to the CGPA.


  • 0.8 addition in CGPA can split as B2 to B1 in two subject and 0.4 in CGPA or B2 to B1 in one subject and 0.6 in CGPA. This explanation will hold in the case of SC/ST concession at clause a) as well.
  • 0.6 addition in CGPA can split as B2 to B1 in two subjects and 0.2 in CGPA or B2 to B1 in one subject and 0.4 in CGPA.
  • 0.2 addition in CGPA can split as B2 to B1 in one subject or 0.2 in CGPA.

PS : It may be borne in mind that the explanation as above is only in respect of a specific case taken as an example. It may be applied in inpidual cases so as to maintain the maximum relaxation in respect of the CGPA in each category as well as the maximum limit imposed on the number of subjects.

The action taken in this regard may be sent to the undersigned not later than 5th September 2012.

Yours faithfully,



Joint Commissioner (Acad)

Source: Admission to Class XI – Relaxation in criteria

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