Frequently Asked Questions on CBSE XII Examination

Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE)  has come up with  these Frequently Asked Questions to clarify common doubts on Class XII examination.

The concept of Pre-Board is not in the purview of the CBSE. It is a school’s own prerogative. If the child is eligible he/she can appear for the Board Exam.

Yes, but with prior written permission of the Board. However, candidate will not be permitted to take subject (s) involving practical component. The female candidates of NCT Delhi can offer Home Science.

The application for private candidates is available in the Regional Offices in September-October. A private candidate must submit within the prescribed date to the Regional Office concerned, an application in the form prescribed together with the prescribed fee for the examination and three copies of the passport size photograph duly signed by the candidate. Kindly refer the CBSE website for last date of filling forms and other related details.

Class XII:- In respect of a candidate offering an additional subject, the following norms shall be applied: (a) A language offered as an additional subject may replace a language in the event of a candidate failing in the same provided after replacement the candidate has English/Hindi as one of the languages. (b) An elective subject offered as an additional subject may replace one of the elective subjects offered by the candidate. It may also replace a language provided after replacement the candidate has English/Hindi as one of the languages. (c) Additional language offered at elective level may replace an elective subject provided after replacement; the number of languages offered shall not exceed two.

A candidate who has upgraded of performance / passed Class XI examination of the Board may re-appear for improvement of performance in one or more subjects in the main examination in the succeeding year only. The candidate may appear privately; those re-appearing for the entire examination can also appear as regular candidate if
admitted by the school.

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