Harmonization of fee payable under the RTI Act. 2005

Sections 27 and 28 of the Right to lnformation Act, 2005 empower the appropriate Governments and the Competent Authorities to make rules to prescribe,inter-alia, the fees payable under the Act. In exercise of the powers. the Central Government, State Governments, High Courts etc. have notified rules. It has been observed that the fee prescribed by different appropriate Governments/Competent Authorities is at great variance.

The 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission has, in this regard recommended that the States should frame Rules regarding application fee in harmony with the Central Rules and ensure that the fee should not become a disincentive for using the right to information.

All the States/Competent Authorities are, therefore, requested to kindly review their Fee Rules and to prescribe fee in consonance with the fee prescribed by the Government of lndia.

Download Office Memorandum No: F. 1/5/2011-IR dated 26.04.2011

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