Foreign Training-Enhancement of Allowance

Government has been sponsoring the names of suitable offiers every year for undergoing training in various universities/Institutions abroad under the Domestic Funding of Foreign Training (DFFT) Scheme.

A Committee had been constituted in this Department to review/revamp the foreign training programmes being administered under the scheme. The Committee has recommended, among other things, an enhancement in allowances to be provided to the officers being deputed for long term training programmes, short term training programmes and partial funding, under the Scheme.

Based on the recommendations of the Committee and further approvals obtained thereon, it has been decided to implement the revised rates of various allowances under the Scheme.

The enhanced rates would be as follows:

3.1 Long-term programmes:

3.1(i) Monthly Living Expenses

Country Rates

USA US$ 1549 p.m.
Australia US$ 1518 p.m.
Slovenia US$ 1456 p.m.
Manila US$ 1394 p.m.
Netherlands US$ 1580 p.m. (Euro 1181)
UK US$ 1534 p.m.(GBP 973)

 (The above mentioned rates are based on the Foreign Allowance (FA) fixed by MEA in 2009 and are at 45% of FA of MEA being given to Director level officers in these countries. Since the rate of Monthly Living Expenses will be linked with the FA of MEA, the rates under the DFFT Scheme would be revised as and when any revision in FA takes place).

3.1 (ii) Accommodation Charges

University provided accommodation has to be arranged. Wherever it is not possible, accommodation allowance to be given @ US$ 750 p.m. and US$ 1000 p.m. in normal cities and big cities respectively, subject to the conditions that (a) the officer is not offered any type of accommodation by the university, and (b) the officer would need to submit a certificate from the university to the effect that “university is not able to provide any type of accommodation to the officer”.

3.1 (iii) One-time Allowances:

Warm Clothing Allowance US$ 500
Departure Allowance US$ 500
Arrival Allowance US$ 375
Books & Assignment Allowance US$ 1000

3.2 Short-term programmes:

3.2 (i) Per diem

Per Diem to be disbursed under the DFFT Scheme would be equal to per diem available to officers while `on tour’.

3.2 (ii) Accommodation allowance

This allowance will be paid at par with the rates of Per Diem for training programmes upto the duration of 2 months. For programmes beyond 2 months’ duration, the rates agreed for long term programmes, i.e., US$ 750 p.m. and US$ 1000 p.m. in normal cities and big cities respectively would be applicable.

3.3 Partial Funding:

3.3 (i) The financial assistance under this component would be available in the following manner:

Programmes in top 30 universities under THES-QS US$ 35000 (For one year study) US$ 45000 (For Two year study)

Programmes in top 31-100 universities under THESQS, additional 5 programmes  recommended by the Cadre Controlling Authorities and identified sectoral programmes not figuring in top 30 universities under THES-QS US$ 25000 (For One Year study) US$ 35000 (For Two year study)

(The officers availing the partial funding assistance would be required to submit semester-wise undertaking to the effect that he/she has not received any other assistance from the university or any other organization, in addition to a similar undertaking/certificate to be submitted at the beginning of the programme stating that as and when he/she receives any official assistance, DOPT, Government of India would be informed of the same.)

3.3 (ii) A monthly living allowance of US$ 1500 for a maximum period of 12 months within the overall assistance as indicated in (i) above would be provided, provided funds are available after the payment towards course/tuition fee.

4. The above-mentioned revised rates would be applicable from 1st August 2010.

For more details download this Office Memorandum No: No.12037/14/2010-FTC dated 19.01.2011

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