Extension of service of Scientists

Referring to Department of Personnel & Training Office Memorandum No.26012/6/2002-Estt.(A) dated 9.12.2002 regarding criteria for considering cases of extension of service of Scientists in terms of proviso to FR 56(d) it is observed by DOPT that the guidelines for extension of service of eminent scientists of international stature beyond 62 years have been further reviewed as a need has been felt for a rigorous Peer group screening by an inter disciplinary Committee of experts.

Departmental Peer Review Committee (DPRCs) headed by the Secretary of the Scientific Departments are constituted by the DOP&T with the approval of Prime Minister for a term of 2 years to consider the cases of extension of service of scientists beyond 60 years and upto 62 years.

It has now been decided with the approval of Prime Minister that the existing/reconstituted Departmental Peer Review Committee shall also do the first stage screening of Scientists for their extension beyond 62 years of age and thereafter the DPRCs' recommendations will be placed before the Committee under the Cabinet Secretary provided that the DPRCs' have at least two outside experts apart from Secretary(Personnel & Training).

The DPRCs must give detailed justification for such extension based on merits of the case, the international stature of the person recommended and also indicate whether this will block promotion opportunities of others in the Department.

Such recommendations of the DPRCs for extension of service of Scientists beyond 62 years will be sent  to the Establishment Division of the Department of Personnel & Training for placing the cases before the Committee under Cabinet Secretary. Only such cases recommended by the Committee under Cabinet Secretary will be processed further for approval of ACC through the office of the Establishment Officer.

Cases of extension of service of Scientists beyond 60 years and up to 62 years recommended by DPRC will continue to be sent directly to the office of Establishment Officer in DOP&T as at present.

All proposals for extension of service of Scientists beyond 62 years in terms of the 3rd proviso to FR 56(d) may, therefore, be processed keeping in view the above guidelines in addition to the criteria stipulated in the OM dated 9.12.2002.

Download Office Memorandum No: 26012/8/2011-Estt.9A) dt 16.05.11

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