Draft select list of Section Officers in All Secretariates

The Department of Personnel and Training (DOP&T), has finalised and issued the Draft select list of Section Officer grade in all Secretariates for the year 2003 by taking one person in rotation from each of two categories viz. (i) Assistants approved for promotion on the basis of seniority, subject to rejection of the unfit and (ii) Assistants recommended for promotion as Section Officers on the basis of result of the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination conducted by the UPSC.  The Link for viewing the draft select list is also given in the Ministry's Letter.

All Concerned Officers are requested to go through the entries and bring errors or omission if any, to the notice of DOPT within 30 days.

For further details, download DOPT F.No. 11/1/2011-CS(I)  dated  18.02.2011  

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