Discontinuation of ad-hoc promotion for officials of CSSS

It is observed by DOPT that some of the officials of CSSS when promoted on regular basis and nominated to some other cadre units as per rotation transfer policy of the department are reluctant to move out of their present cadre units and subsequently refuse promotion with a view to be retained in their cadre units.  Consequently they are debarred of promotion as per instructions of this department.  However, they continue to be appointed /promoted on ad-hoc basis during currency of debarment by the cadre units.

On a reference from one of the participating unit of CSSS the matter has been examined with establishment Division of the department and it has been decided that the official who has refused regular promotion and consequently debarred shall not be appointed/promoted to next higher grade on ad-hoc basis during the currency of debarment.

Accordingly, all cadre units are requested to immediately discontinue the ad-hoc promotion of the officials of CSSS who have refused to accept their promotion and consequently debarred from promotion for a specific period

For more details download Office memorandum No: 5/2/2010-CS-II(C) dated 25.04.2011

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