Updated Common Seniority List of CSSS

DOPT has issued Common Seniority List of CSSS for the Select List Year upto 2004 as on 01.07.2010 and final Common Seniority List of PS grade of CSSS for Select List year 2005.

Common Seniority list of PS grade of for the Select list year 2005 has been prepared on the basis of

(i) PSs of CSSS appointed against Seniority Quota for the Select list year 2005 and

(ii) PSs of CSSS appointed on the basis of the results of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination 2005 conducted by the UPSC.

It is also mentioned by DOPT that representations received from Cadre units relate to corrections regarding the date of regular appointment, date of birth and order of seniority in the grade of PS have been examined and necessary corrections have been carried out.

For more details click here to read Office Memorandum No: 3/1/2012-CS-II (A) dated 25.05.2012

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