Promotion of UDCs CSCS to Assistant Grade of CSS

Promotion of UDCs of Central Secretariat Clerical Service (CSCS) to the Assistant’s Grade of Central Secretariat (CSS) on Ad-hoc basis

No.11/112015-CS. II (B)

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

Department of Personnel & Training

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,

Khan Market, New Delhi-110 003

Dated: 12th February, 2015.


Subject: Promotion of UDCs of Central Secretariat Clerical Service (CSCS) to the Assistant’s Grade of Central Secretariat (CSS) on Ad-hoc basis.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s O.M. No. No.12/1/2011-CS.II (B) dated 27th January 2015 wherein a list of 1552 officials was circulated. Compliance report was also sought from the cadre units with regard to their inclusion in the SL 2003(extended) UDC grade. All the cadre units have given their report to effect that the officials have been included in SL 2003(extended) and stand promoted.

2. As per the O,M. No. 7/4/2013-CS.l (A) dated 23.1.2015 it has been reported that there are about 2500 vacancies in the Assistant grade of CSS. Since, it would take some more time to fill up the DR vacancies of CGLE 2013 and 2014, it has been decided to grant ad-hoc promotion to the grade of Assistants to those officials figuring in the list attached to O.M. No. 12/1/2011-CS,II(B) dated 27th January 2015. After excluding from the list of 1552 officials, due to retirement, VRS, resigned, not fit from vigilance angle, promoted earlier etc. about 1400 officials are ripe for promotion.

3. All the Cadre Units are requested to consider the cases of UDCs who are figuring in the Select List 2003(extended)(as per list attached to O.M. 12/1/2011-CS.II(B) dated 27th January 2015) and presently working, for Ad-hoc promotion to Assistant Grade and to issue promotion orders accordingly subject to their fitness and clearance from vigilance angle. To the extent the vacancies are available in the individual cadre units, Ad-hoc appointees shall continue to work in the same cadre unit. In case there are no vacancies to accommodate the ad-hoc appointees, such of these officials shall be re-deployed by this division to other cadre units where there are surplus vacancies. This ad-hoc promotion would be initially for a period upto 30-06-2015 or until further orders or till regular Assistants become available through the normal mode of recruitment as

prescribed under the CSS Rules, whichever is earlier.

4. The above category of officials may be promoted I appointed as Assistants on ad-hoc basis, after assessing their suitability for promotion by screening the records (APARs) of the officials after ensuring that these officials are clear from the vigilance angle, The ad-hoc promotion/appointment is subject to following conditions:

i) The ad-hoc appointment shall not confer on the appointees any right to continue in the grade indefinitely or for inclusion in the select list or to claim seniority in the Assistant Grade of CSS;

ii) Ad-hoc appointments may be terminated at any point of time without giving any reason therefore;

iii) The appointment on ad-hoc basis will take effect from the date of taking over charge of the post of Assistant of CSS.

iv) The ad-hoc appointees would attend and qualify the mandatory training as and when nominated by CS.I (Training) Section of this Department, (if not already done), failing which they shall have no claim for inclusion in the regular select list of Assistant.

5. The willingness of the Officials on deputation as to whether they are willing to revert back to the Cadre with a view to avail of the promotion will be obtained by the Ministry / Department from where the Official(S) have proceeded on deputation.

6. Procedure regarding deployment of surplus officials:

A cadre unit consists of sub-cadre units as well. Choices of the UDCs of the sub-cadre who are to be promoted as Assistant may be obtained and deployed in the cadre units/sub-cadre units. For example, if 10 UDCs are covered in the list who are to be promoted as Assistant and only 6 posts are available in the cadre unit and sub-cadre unit put together, the 6 ad-hoc Assistants (Senior most) shall be allotted as per their choices and the details of the remaining 4 officials (Junior most) along with their preferences shall be sent to CS.ll Division for their onward deployment in those cadre units where there are surplus vacancies. The DPC proceedings and the promotion of the officials as Ad-hoc Assistants in the manner as indicated above shall be completed as quickly as possible and no case later than 18.02.2015. The details of the surplus officials who could not be accommodated in the cadre unitlsub-cadre unit shall be sent to CS.ll Division before 19.02.2015 positively.

7. All the cadre units are requested to take necessary action and the whole process may be completed on top priority basis within 18.02.2015. A copy of the appointment order may be endorsed to this Department. A report indicating the name and details of the UDCs who have been appointed/promoted to the post of Assistant on ad-hoc basis as well as those who have not been found fit, with reasons therefore, may be sent to this Department by 19th February, 2015 in the prescribed proforma enclosed.

Encl: Proforma

(K Suresh Kumar)

Under Secretary to the Government of India

Download DOPT Office Memorandum No.11/112015-CS. II (B) dated 12.02.2015

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