NFSG to UDCs of CSCS granted by DOPT

NFSG to UDCs of CSCS granted by DOPT – Non Functional Selection Grade with Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- to 1104 UDCs

Ministry  of Personnel,  Public Grievances  & Pensions has issued an OM regarding grant of NFSG to UDCs of CSCS

No. 12/2/2015-CS.ll    (B)
Government  of India
Ministry  of Personnel,  Public Grievances  & Pensions
Department   of Personnel   & Training

3rd  Floor,Lok Nayak  Bhawan
Khan  Market,  New  Delhi-110003
Dated:    18th June, 2015


Subject:   Grant  of NFSG to UDCs of CSCS – regarding

The  undersigned  is directed   to  refer  to  this  Department’s  O.M. No.20/49/2009-CS.ll  (B)   dated  22nd June,   2011  vide  which    a  new grade    of  UDC  Non-Functional    Selection   Grade    (NFSG)  in CSCS in the Grade Pay of Rs.4200/-   in Pay Band-2  was created  with effect  from   22.06.2011.

2.   It  has  been   decided   in consultation    with  D/o  Expenditure   to operationalize   the  NFSG  of Grade Pay  of  Rs.4200/-   in the  case  of UDCs  of  CSCS.    The  cadre  units  are  requested   to  grant  Grade  Pay  of Rs.4200/-(NFSG)    to  1104 UDCs  figuring   in the  list attached as Annexure-I subject  to their suitability   with effect from  22.06.2011  till  the  date  of their  promotion   as Assistants   on ad-hoc   basis Retirement / Expired / VRS / resigned  etc whichever  is earlier.   The  cadre units  are  also requested  that the officials  who have already resigned / retired / taken  VRS  / Expired  etc prior  to 22.6.2011  may  not be granted  the Grade  Pay of Rs. 4200/-. Further,  those UDCs who  have  been  promoted  to the  grade  of Assistant on  ad-hoc   basis  prior   to the  issue  of O.M.   No.  20/49/2011-CS.ll   (B)  dated 22.6.2011,   have  been  excluded  from  the list  of beneficiaries.

3.                 While  granting the Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/-  the cadre  units   may  follow   the  procedure  laid down in sub-para (ii) to (v) of para (b) of this Department’s  O.M. No. 20/49/2009-CS.ll   (B) dated  22.06.2011.  The pay fixation  may  be done under Rule  13 of CCS  (Revised)  Pay Rules, 2008  and other  relevant  instructions  on the subject. The financial  implications  would have to be met by the respective Ministries I Departments.

4.                       Cadre   units   are   also   requested    to   send   a  compliance    report   in   the  enclosed   proforma (Annexure-ll)  to CS.II Division, detailing  the officers  who have  been granted  NFSG,  by 30.06.2015.   Since  the Select List of 2003 (Extended)  of UDC grade is under litigation, the grant of Grade  Pay of Rs. 4200/- would be subject  to the outcome of the SLP (Civil) No. 10342/2015  filed by Shri Pankaj  Kumar  Mishra and others before the  Hon’ble  Supreme   Court  and  O.A.  No. 794/2015   filed  by Shri Kamal  Kumar  Gupta  and  others  before CAT Principal    Bench,   New   Delhi   and  also  orders   in any other  connected    matter   by  any  competent   authority.  This may  be included   in the orders  to be issued  by the Cadre Authorities.

5.      M/o Finance,   D/o   Expenditure’s   vide  their  ID  No.  94952/2015/E-111  (A) dated  01-06-2015   have concurred with  the proposal.

6. In  case  of errors/omissions    if any,  the  same  may  be brought  to the  notice  of  this Department immediately.

(Kameshwar   Mishra)
Under Secretary  to the Govt. of India
Telefax:  24623157

Download Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension OM No. 12/2/2015-CS.ll (B) dated 18.06.2015

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