Draft Select List 2003 (extended) UDC grade of CSCS

Draft Select List 2003 (extended) UDC grade of CSCS – DOPT Order

No.12/1/2011-CS.II (B)

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensions

Department of Personnel and Training

3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market

New Delhi dated 14th February, 2014

Office Memorandum

Subject : Draft Select List 2003 (extended) UDC grade of CSCS

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s O.M of even number dated 03.05.2012 on the above subject and to say that the Staff Selection Commission has since declared the result of the Special UD Grade Limited Departmental Examination conducted by them on 15.07.2012 and has also forwarded the dossiers of 373 qualified Candidates.

2. The names of the LDCE candidates have accordingly been interpolated with Seniority Quota candidates, in accordance with the CSCS Rules. Accordingly the list contains 1544 UDCs who are to be included in the Select List 2003 (extended). All the cadre units are therefore, requested to circulate the list of amongst the UDCs to enable them to point out discrepancies, if any and send the same to this Department within a week. Further the cadre units are also requested to incorporate the following in the list.

i) The Cadre units may be requested to mention the Select List Years of LDCs of these UDCs in Col.9

ii) Some UDCs had refused promotion when the zone of promotion from LDC to UDC grade for the Select list years 2004 (SQ), 2005 (SQ), 2006 (SQ), and 2007 (SQ) were issued by this Department. The cadre units may include the names of such UDCs in the Select List 2003 (Extended) in the appropriate place subject to DPC.

3. The enclosed list consists of officials who are already working as UDCs and there is an upward movement in the year of Select List. The Cadre units are, therefore requested to conduct the DPC in respect of these officials for inclusion in the Select List 2003 (extended) of UDC and intimate the same to this Department. The cadre units are not required to conduct fresh DPC in respect of those figuring in the list, containing the names of 484 UDCs issued vide this Department’s O.M of even number dated 02.07.2013 if conducted earlier. The Cadre units while issuing the orders of inclusion of these officials in SL 2003 (extended) may invariably mention that the extension of Select List would be subject to the outcome / any orders on the W.P. 209/2013 filed by Shri. Ravindra Kumar Jha and others before the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.

4. After conduct of DPC and issuing orders of their inclusion in SL 2003 extended, the necessary details as per proforma enclosed may be sent to this Department at an early date i.e by 26.02.2014


Download DOPT Office Memorandum No.12/1/2011-CS.II (B) dated 14.02.2014

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