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Central Staffing Scheme – Extension in deputation tenure

Central Staffing Scheme – Extension in deputation tenure beyond the prescribed limit of seven years

F. No.9/25/2006-E0 (MM-I)
Government of India
Department of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)
North Block, New Delhi,
17th  October, 2013



Sub:- Extension in deputation tenure beyond the prescribed limit of seven years/premature repatriation from a Non – Central Staffing Scheme post – reg

As per the ACC directions, an officer working on a Central Staffing Scheme (CSS) post is allowed an additional tenure of two years on his shift to a Non-Central Staffing Scheme post and vice-versa, subject to cadre clearance and further subject to the maximum limit of seven years outside the cadre at a stretch. While allowing the shift, the tenure of the officers is specified/fixed. Similarly as per extant policy, officers working on a CSS post on their premature repatriation on grounds other than promotion are required to undergo extended cooling off.
2. However, it has come to notice that officers have continued to stay beyond the stipulated tenure without the approval of the competent authority, sometimes even beyond the maximum stipulated limit of seven years outside the cadre. It has also come to notice that some of the officers who after their stint under the CSS had shifted to Non-CSS posts were allowed to go prematurely to their cadre without seeking the approval of the ACC.
3. The undersigned is directed to convey that any proposal for premature repatriation and extension in tenure beyond the approved tenure in respect of officers who have shifted from a CSS post and are now working on a Non-CSS post should be referred to DoP&T for approval/orders of the competent authority.
4. All the Ministries/Departments are requested to ensure compliance of the above direction in future.


(Dr. Amarpreet Duggal)
Director (MM)

Download DOPT Office Memorandum F. No.9/25/2006-E0 (MM-I)  dated 17.10.2013

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