Creation of a new grade of UDC (NFSG)

It has been decided by DOPT to create a grade of UDC 'Non-Functional Selection Grade' (NFSG) in Central Secretariat Clerical Services (CSCS) cadre and Stenographer Grade 'D' (NFSG) in Central Secretariat Stenographers' Services (CSSS) Cadre in the grade pay of Rs.4200 in Pay band-2 with immediate effect subject to the following conditions:

(a) UDCs of CSCS and Stenographers Grade 'D' of CSSS shall be eligible for placement in the Non-functional selection grade on completion of 5 years of approved service as UDC/Stenographer Grade 'D' subject to the condition that the total number in the grade will be restricted to 30% of the sanctioned strength (i.e 1104 in the grade of UDC and 385 in Steno in Steno Grade 'D').

(b) The officials will be placed in the Non-functional Selection grade as per the following procedure:

i) Department of personal and Training (DoP&T) will issue a Zone of Consideration for placement of eligible officials in NFSG as per the common seniority list prepared and maintained by DoP&T in respect of UDCs of CSCS and Stenographers Grade 'D' of CSSS.

ii) An internal Committee will be constituted by the Cadre Units to review the cases of officials for placement in the Non-Functional Selection Grade and to make suitable recommendations.

iii) The Committee shall consider the last 5 years ACRs/APARs of the officials. The Committee should satisfy itself that the overall performance of the official is 'GOOD' in the last 5 years ACRS/APARs. Such officials would be considered suitable for placement in the 'NFSG'.

iv) There should be no adverse entries in any ACR/APAR. If there are any adverse entries, it should be clearly brought out in the minutes as to why the official has been proposed for Non-Functional Selection Grade in spite of adverse entries. The minutes should also include a certificate that there is no other factor or aspect affecting the official which will disqualify him/her for grant of 'Non-Functional Selection Grade'.

v) SC/ST officials considered for placement in their turn to the 'NFSG' may be included in the Select List of 'NFSG' even if they do not fulfil the criteria as laid down in Sl.No. (iii) above, provided they are not found unfit by the committee.

Download DOPT Office Memorandum No: 20/49/2009-CS.II (B) dt 22.06.2011

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