Medical Reimbursement in Event of Death of Principal CGHS Cardholder

Nomination Facility under CGHS for Claiming Medical Reimbursement in Event of Death of Principal CGHS Cardholder

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has simplified the procedure by providing an option to the principal CGHScardholder beneficiary to nominate a person to claim reimbursement of medical expenses in the event of his/her unfortunate death.

The nomination facility shall be subject to following conditions

The nomination facility shall be available only to the CGHS pensioner card holders;

Beneficiaries who wish to exercise this option shall submit their declaration of nomination in the prescribed ‘Nomination Form’ duly filled up and complete in all respect, to the CMO In-charge of the CGHS Wellness Centre where the beneficiary is enrolled;

The nomination shall be treated as valid only if the same has been entered in the CGHS database; only one person shall be allowed to be nominated as the original nominee or first nominee, and another person can also be nominated as ‘alternatenominee or second nominee’ who can claim reimbursement in case of unfortunate death of the first nominee;

The principal CGHS cardholder beneficiary can nominate any natural or juristic person as his/her nominee for this purpose, whether related or unrelated to him/her;

This option can be exercised at any time during the lifetime of the beneficiary. However, this option can be exercised only twice in the lifetime of the pensioner card holder; and in case, no option has been exercised during the life time of the CGHS pensioner beneficiary, the existing CGHS provision for claiming reimbursement of medical expenses, requiring submission of Affidavit by the claimant and NOCs from other legal heirs shall continue to apply.

Download Simplified Nomination form under CGHS and Office Memorandum No. S 11011/12/2013-CGHS dated 25.09.2013 issued by Department of Health and Family Welfare

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