Procedure for linking Aadhaar with CGHS Card

Procedure for linking Aadhaar with CGHS Card – Registration of Aadhaar in CGHS website to be done by CGHS Beneficiary

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare – CGHS has issued an OM regarding linking of Aadhaar with CGHS Card

Government  of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

Nirman  Bhavan,  New Delhi.
Dated, the 10th  July, 2015.


As  you  are  aware, CGHS is  in  the process of  introducing web-based services  for  its members.  In  this  context,   it  is  necessary   to  link  AADHAAR number with the CGHS  Beneficiary IDs of all beneficiaries   before  such services can be launched.

2.       The procedure  for doing so is as follows:

(I)        Through CMO-in-charge’s  Module –  Beneficiary   can  visit  CMO-in-charge  of  his  dispensary   with  AADHAAR   Card  to  get  his  and  family members AADHAAR  registered.

(II)      Registration  of  AADHAAR   number   by  beneficiary   himself – following  steps to be followed:

a.    Log on to

b.    Click –  ‘Click here to view beneficiary  details’ c.    Click ‘login with Ben Id’

d.    To get password  click-   ‘Generate  Password’

e.     Enter  details  and  a  password   will  be  sent  on  the  registered mobile phone no. of the beneficiary

f.     Enter Ben Id and Password  and sign in g.    Click –  ‘update AADHAAR  number’

h.      Enter AADHAAR  number for all family  members  and save.

3.       This   is  an   important   initiative   and   is  being   monitored   as  a  part   of PRAGATI. It is, therefore,   requested   that  all  employees   of  the Ministries/Departments  may  be  motivated to seed their  AADHAAR    numbers through  either of the modes mentioned  above.

4.        Cooperation of all Ministries/Departments in this regard would be highly appreciated.

(  N.S.  Kang)
Additional Secretary &  DG, CGHS

Download CGHS OM No.Z-15025/11/2015-Dir(CGHS) dated 10.10.2015

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