How to link Aadhaar with CGHS – Step by step guide issued by Govt

How to link Aadhaar with CGHS – Linking of Aadhar Number to Beneficiary Number has been made compulsory and all the CGHS beneficiaries


With reference to  the   above subject the undersigned is directed to state that  CGHS is capturing the AADHAR number of new CGHS beneficiaries. while  issuing the CGHS Cards.  Serving employees are already using the Aadhar  based Bio-metric attendance system and a large number or primary card holders  have  linked their  Aadhar number  to CGHS Ben ID Number.  However, some of the existing CGHS  beneficiaries particularly the pensioner beneficiaries  are yet to link their Aadhar number.   The matter has been reviewed and it is now decided that  linking  or Aadhar Number  to  Ben ID No has  been   made compulsory and  all  the   CGHS beneficiaries are advised  to link their Aadhar Number before 31st March 2018.

(I) Through CMO-In charge’s Module – Beneficiary can visit CMO-Incharge of his/her CGHS Wellness Centre with AADHAR Card to get his her and family members’ AADHAR Number linked to CGHS Beneficiary Number. or

(II) Registration of AADHAR Number by beneficiary himself/herself – the following steps are to be followed:

a. Log on to

b. Click – ‘Beneficiary Login’

c. Sign in with Ben ID and Password, if you are already registered.

d. If not registered Click Generate Password and follow instructions to obtain OTP on your registered Mobile Number

e. After signing in with Ben ID and Password. click ‘update AADHAR No’

f. Enter AADHAR Numbers for all family members and save.

(Dharminder Singh)

Under Secretary to Government of India

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