Guidelines for administering covid vaccines – CGHS beneficiaries

Guidelines for administering covid vaccines – CGHS beneficiaries: Confederation writes for issue necessary direction to reimburse the cost of vaccination to all CGEs and Central Govt. pensioners

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Ref: Confd/CGHS/Covid Vaccine

Dated 19.05.2021

The Secretary (Health)
Government of India,
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001

Dear Sir,

Sub: – Guidelines for administering covid vaccines- CGHS beneficiaries.

Kindly refer to the O.M. No. Misc/12/CGHS/Gr. Cell/2021-dir-cghs date 26.3.2021 issued by the Ministry Health wherein the guidelines for vaccination against Covid 19 in respect of CGHS beneficiaries have been enumerated. As per the said guidelines, payment of Rs. 250/- made by the beneficiaries to the private non empanelled hospitals would not be reimbursed. Ostensibly, the said decision appears to be in view of the fact that vaccination had been made free of cost by most of State run hospitals and local body controlled primary health centres The situation has undergone a change in as much as the State Governments are now to purchase the vaccine doses from the manufacturers by paying a price fixed by the Government of India which is Rs. 400 per doze. This might necessitate the State Government run hospitals and primary health centres to charge the beneficiaries. This apart, the private hospitals might receive the vaccine doves only at a much higher price and they might charge the beneficiaries much more. The deficiency in the supply position, the delay in the manufacturing process, the abnormal increase in the number of covid cases etc. have all made the situation worse and the people affected by the pandemic are in a frantic urge of getting vaccinated. This apart, the lock down that have been clamped in many parts of the country to combat the increasing spread of the pandemic has made it impossible for people to travel to take vaccine from the primary health centres or the State Government run hospitals. They are perforce to seek vaccination from the private hospitals where the dozes are available. In this connection, we may refer to our earlier communication requesting you to kindly ensure that the CGHS dispensaries/wellness centres are got declared as vaccination centres. Since the Government of India is able to access the vaccines comparatively at cheaper rate from the manufacturers, the CGHS beneficiaries might accrue the benefit thereof if our earlier request for getting the dispensaries and wellness centres get declared as vaccination centres

In the circumstances in which the Central Government employees and pensioners are placed presently, we request you to kindly issue necessary direction to reimburse the cost of vaccination to all CGEs and Central Govt. pensioners who are compelled to get vaccinated from the private hospitals.

Thanking you,

Yours fraternally,

(R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General

Guidelines for administering covid vaccines - CGHS beneficiaries

Source: Confederation

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