CGHS – Suspension of empanelment of Saket City Hospital, New Delhi

Suspension of empanelment of ‘Saket City Hospital, New Delhi’ from the list of Hospitals / Centres empanelled under CGHS

Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
CGHS Division
No. S-11030/4/2013-CGHS (P)
Dated the 13th September, 2013
Sub: Suspension of empanelment of ‘Saket City Hospital, New Delhi’ from the list of Hospitals / Centres empanelled under CGHS – reg.
The undersigned is directed to state that CGHS has empanelled private hospitals in various CGHS covered cities to provide inpatient healthcare facilities to its beneficiaries. Empanelment of the private hospitals is done under a contractual agreement between the Government of India and the private hospital on mutually agreed terms and conditions.
2. This Ministry has received a number of complaints against Saket City Hospital (formerly- Gujar Mal Modi Hospital & Research Centre), Saket, New Delhi regarding deficiency in services ranging from denial of credit facilities and over charging to illtreatment, harassment and rude behavior by staff/doctors to CGHS beneficiaries. The issues raised by the beneficiaries have been viewed seriously by this Ministry as it tantamount to violation of the terms and conditions of empanelment as laid down in the ‘Memorandum of Agreement’.
3. A ‘Show Cause Notice’ was issued to Saket City Hospital seeking clarifications on the grievances raised by the beneficiaries. However, the reply received from Saket City Hospital has not been found satisfactory.
4. It has, therefore been decided to suspend the CGHS empanelment of Saket City Hospital, New Delhi with immediate effect, for a period of one year or till further orders whichever is earlier. The hospital shall no longer be a part of the list of empanelled hospitals/centers for any purposes under CGHS. Patients already admitted prior to the issue of this OM, shall be provided treatment and discharged within seven days from the date of issue of this OM. However, in respect of the patients who remain admitted beyond seven days, their bills would be accepted only on submission of the proper justification for stay.
5. This OM shall be effective from the date of its issue.
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India

Download Department of Health and Family Welfare Office Memorandum No. S-11030/4/2013-CGHS (P) dated 13.09.2013

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