CGHS – Media report on Recent developments

CGHS – Media report on Recent developments

CGHS has recently liberalised the scheme for taking medical treatment in CGHS empanelled Private hospitals in the case of specialty treatment facility required by the Central Government employees / Pensioners is not available in the CGHS hospital. As per the recent order issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Central Government Employees and Pensioners can avail medical treatment in CGHS Empanelled private hospitals without any referral letters from CGHS authorities. The order says specific investigation advised by a CGHS Medical Officer or a Government Specialist is enough in such cases.

Click here to read the OM dated 01.01.2013 issued for medical treatment to Central Government.

In the earlier order issued in the month of october 2012, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, which governs Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) decided that permit issue of permission (referral) letters by competent authorities with a validity of six months from the date of issue of the original prescription for undergoing the prescribed treatment /investigation procedures to be conducted at the prescribed intervals over a period of six months as advised by a Government Specialist. The same permission (referral) letter shall be valid for undergoing the prescribed treatment procedures / investigations on multiple times during the six months, at intervals as advised by the Government Specialist

Click here for OM dated 01.10.2012 issued for issue of permission to avail treatment in CGHS empanelled private hospitals, with a validity period of Six months

Besides, the timings of CGHS wellness Centres have also been revised to improve medical treatment facility to Central Government Employees and Pensioners.

Click here to read the OM dated 20.12.2012 for revising the timings of CGHS wellness centres

We provide here a media report on these developments
The New Year has brought more cheer to about 80,000 beneficiaries of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) in the city as they are now not required to procure a referral letter from a senior authority to avail facilities at private centres.

In an order dated January 1, VP Singh, deputy secretary of the ministry of health and family welfare, states, “It has now been decided that CGHS beneficiaries shall herein after be allowed to undergo investigations at private hospitals/diagnostic laboratories/imaging centres empanelled under CGHS after specific investigations have been advised by a CGHS medical officer or a government specialist without requirement of any other referral letter.
Source: Hindustan Times

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