CGHS – Government to approve more Private Hospitals

CGHS – 70 new private hospitals, labs to be empanelled

Central Government Employees and Pensioners covered under CGHS have reason to rejoice as media reports say more private hospitals to be empanelled in the near future in Delhi Region.

It is reported that the Health Ministry is already in the process of verifying the list of private hospitals, dental clinics and diagnostic facilities

At least 70 more private hospitals, eye care centres and diagnostic labs  are likely to approved by Health Ministry as Private hospitals eligible for medical treatment for various ailments under CGHS

Around 10 new super and multi-specialty hospitals, an equal number of mid segment general purpose hospitals, 33 eye care centres, 10 dental clinics and 10 laboratories in the NCR are in the process of being empanelled under the scheme.

After empanelment the total number of private hospitals and diagnostic centres approved under CGHS in Delhi will be around 200.

For more details read this news article in Zee News

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