CGHS empanelled Private Hospitals – Removal from the list

CGHS empanelled Private Hospitals – Details of Hospitals taken out from the list with effect from 13.02.2013 on account of option and suspension

Minister for Health Shri.Ghulam Nabi Azad replied with regard to a Lok Sabha Query to the effect that certain private hospitals in Delhi NCR are no longer available in the list of CGHS empanelled private hospitals

1. The following hospitals have opted not to renew their empanelment with CGHS after completion of two years of empanelment. Accordingly they have been removed from CGHS panel w.e.f. 13.02.2013:

(i) Escort’s Heart Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi

(ii) Max Super Specialty Hospital , New Delhi

2. Empanelment of following two hospitals have been suspended:

(i) Max Devki Devi Heart & Vascular Institute, New Delhi (w.e.f. 13.02.2013) as the hospital stopped credit facility to eligible CGHS beneficiaries;

(ii) Bapu Nature Cure Hospital, New Delhi (w.e.f.12.09.2013) on account of deficiency in services.

In addition, the following hospitals in Delhi NCR have been removed w.e.f. 18.12.2012 from the CGHS panel for non-compliance of the terms and conditions of their empanelment with CGHS.

(i) Garg Multispecialty Dental & Research Centre, Ghaziabad

(ii) Jain Hospital, Jagriti enclave, New Delhi

(iii) Kalra Hospital, New Delhi

(iv) Orthonova Hospital, New Delhi
CGHS beneficiaries already admitted and undergoing inpatient treatment with prior permission at the time of removal are permitted to complete their treatment at those hospitals.

There is no provision for allowing regular treatment from any private non empanelled hospitals under normal circumstances.

Government has revived continuous empanelment scheme on 14.2.2013 for empanelment of more number of eligible hospitals under CGHS.

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