CGHS Dispensaries in Delhi which are working round the clock

We had given a list of CGHS dispensaries and Wellness Centers in Delhi recently.  Out of these CGHS dispensaries following are working round that clock.

CGHS Dispensaries working 24 hours in Delhi

Six Wellness Centres / Dispensaries are working 24 hours under Central Government Health Scheme in Delhi. The detailed list of wellness centres with contact numbers are given below…

Dispensaries working 24 hours
1. South Avenue Wellness Centre 153, South Avenue , New Delhi-11 Telephone No. 23013490
2. North Avenue Wellness Centre 31, North Avenue, New Delhi-1, Telephone No. 23094420
3. Zakir Husain Road Wellness Centre CGHS Building, Dr. Z.H. Road,
New Dehli
Telephone No. 23383724
4. Telegraph Lane Wellness Centre 18-E, Telegraph Lane, New Delhi Telephone No. 23326601
5. Kingsways Camp Wellness Centre CGHS Disp, KWC No.
60, New Police Line, Kingsway
Camp, Delhi
Telephone No. 27459411
6. Timarpur Wellness Centre Lancer Road, Timarpur, Delhi. Telephone No. 23813808
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