Cashless Medical Treatment in CGHS empanelled Private Hospitals – Present Position

Cashless Medical Treatment in CGHS empanelled Private Hospitals – Government says majority of CGHS Empanelled hospitals are providing Cashless Medical Treatment

Central Government Employees and Central Government Pensioners residing in 25 major cities in India are covered by Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS).  While out patient medical treatment is provided in CGHS wellness centres, Government has tie-up with Private hospitals in these cities for providing cashless medical treatment in the case of specialty in-patient medical treatment and diagnosis.

There were reports in media in the first of March to the effect that CGHS enabled Private hospitals are going suspend cashless medical treatment provided by them on account of non-payment of medical charges by the Government in time.

However, Government denied this report and informed Central Government employees and pensioners that Cashless medical treatment will be continued

Click here for media report on Cashless medical Treatment in CGHS empanelled hospitals

Click here for statement issued by Government denying media reports on suspension of Cashless medical treatment 

Government has come up with yet another statement now.  In a press release issued by Directorate General of CGHS recently, it is stated that around 95% of the empanelled hospitals are continuing with cashless facility.

It is also informed by the authority in charge of Central Government Health Scheme that Medial Bills which are pending have been cleared; that for purpose of revising package rates payable to CGHS empanelled hospitals for providing medical treatement to Central Government Employees and Pensioners, Government has received bids from 1075 hospitals / diagnostic Centres. This number is according to Government higher than the existing 791 empanelled hospitals / diagnostic centres.

Source : Directorate of General of CGHS

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