CGEWHO’s Vishakhapatnam Housing Scheme-Insufficient response

CGEWHO has decided to keep its Vishakhapatnmn Housing Scheme, in abeyance in view of poor response from Central Government Employees and as well as from GENERAL PUBLIC

Central Government Employee Welfare Housing Organisation

No. A-402/12

September 27,2012


All beneficiaries of CGEWHO’s Vishakhapatnam Housing Scheme

Subject: Abandoning of CGEWHO’s Vishakhapatnam Housing Scheme


This is in continuation to CGEWHO’s letter of even reference dated 10.05.2011. It is regretfully informed that Vishakhapatnarn Housing Scheme could not take off due to insufficient response(s) from Central Government Employees and as well as from GENERAL PUBLIC.

2. CGEWHO has now finally decided to keep the Vishakhapatnmn Housing Scheme, in abeyance. Accordingly, you are requested to fill in the enclosed ‘OPTION FORM’ for final withdrawal from the said Housing scheme, so that it reach this office within 31.12.2012.
3. Please note that cancellation/withdrawal charges will not be imposed and refund will be processed after crediting interest @ 7% from the date of deposition to the date of application of withdrawal. Withdrawal after 31.12.2012 will not entitle any beneficiary to claim interest beyond that date.

Yours faithfully,


(M.K. Maity)

Dy Dir (Admn)

for Chief Executive Officer

Source: CGEWHO

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