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CBSE/Admn.III/Printing of Books/2012


The Principal

Subject: Textbooks for Academic Session 2013-14

Dear Sir/Madam,

1.     The Central Board of Secondary Education gets the Textbooks for the students community printed every year. These books are sold at Counter of the CBSE in every Regional Office. It has been observed that sometimes difficulty is faced by the students to get the textbooks in time.

2.     It is, therefore, proposed to obtain the anticipated requirements of various schools. This would assist the Board to finalize printing plan and ensure books are available at Regional Office/Schools by 10th Jan. 2013.

3.    The schools are to log on to Board’s website http:/ at link "OnlineOrdering of CBSE Publication for Academic Session 2013-14  (for CBSE affiliated schools)". The details of books and quantities required may be uploaded. Current price list are indicative and actual prices may differ marginally. The schools shall deposit the 50% of the cost asguarantee money. The payments are to be made online through bank challan, which shall be guided on logging (facility for online payment through debit/credit card and Net Banking will be available shortly). 15% bulk rebate on actual printed price shall be given to schools to meet administrative expenses in the final bills.

4.    Your cooperation is solicited towards satisfaction of student community, towards which we all are obliged.

Yours faithfully,


(A. S. VERMA) 

Jt. Secy. (A&L)

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