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CBSE: Question Bank for Practice – Class X though DIKSHA App

CBSE: Question Bank for Practice for Class X Students though DIKSHA App – 2000+ questions and answers for all core subjects


CBSE/DIR( SE&T)/2020

Date: 17.02.2020

Circular No. Acad-14/2020

All heads of schools affiliated with CBSE

Subject: Question Bank for Practice- Class X though DIKSHA App

Dear Principals,

  1. CBSE announces Question Bank for Practice for Class 10th students; a program that will cater to students who wish to measure their understanding of a given topic by leveraging a rich repository of questions and possible answers for
  2. The program comprises of 2000+ questions and answers for all core subjects: Maths, Science, English- Foot Prints Without Feet, English- First Flight, Hindi-Sanchayan 2, Hindi- Sparsh 2, Political Science, Geography, Economics and History.
  3. Through this program, the students will have access to questions and their possible step by step solutions which have been curated by subject teachers of schools affiliated to It may be noted that the answers can be written in many different ways, and that this is not the only way to do so.
  4. It may also be noted that these questions should only be considered as practice questions and that they have no relation to board examination 2020.
  5. Detailed instructions for students/teachers/parents to access the Question Bank is attached in Annexure A.
  6. For any feedback, please write to [email protected]

We hope that this program helps make revision more interesting for all our students!

Dr. Biswajit Saha
(Director Training &Skill Education)


i. Annexure A: Detailed instructions for students/ teachers/ parents to access the Question Bank

ii. Annexure B: WhatsApp message that can be circulated by school with teachers/ students/ parents

Annexure A: Detailed instructions for students/ teachers/ parents to access the Question Bank

From Mobile:

Step 1: Download DIKSHA App from Google play store or click here to download on your Android phones

Step 2: Scan the QR codes below using DIKSHA App to play the practice book OR Select <CBSE> board, <Class 10> grade, <English> and <Hindi> medium and <subject name> subject on DIKSHA app and play <<Subject Name>> Practice Book.

Step 3: Please access all the practice books once via Step-2 and go to “Downloads” tab on the mobile app to view the respective practice books.

From Computer/Laptop: Click on the relevant subject link below to play the revision content:

Math Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31289124474680115213912?contentType=TextBook

Science Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31289123241963520013913?contentType=TextBook

History Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292653397046886414013?contentType=TextBook

Economics Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_3129266871231283201924?contentType=TextBook

Political Science Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292669156368384014581?contentType=TextBook

Geography Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_3129265250740551681412?contentType=TextBook

Hindi – Sparsh 2 Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292671449880166411100?contentType=TextBook

Hindi – Sanchayan 2 Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292671669071052811136?contentType=TextBook

English – Foot Prints Without Feet Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292670148057497611033?contentType=TextBook English – First Flight Practice Book: https://diksha.gov.in/play/collection/do_31292669918164582414649?contentType=TextBook

QR codes to access subject wise practice books


Annexure B: WhatsApp message that can be circulated by school with teachers/students/ parents

Revision for Exam – Now Easy! CBSE expert teachers have created 2000+ Questions and step by step solutions for grade 10- Maths, Science, Hindi, English and Social Science. Get practice content in just 2 steps

Step 1: Download DIKSHA App by clicking on this link : http://bit.ly/cbse-diksha

Step 2: Click below on the link below to get content for your subject:

Please share with Parents and Students!

Happy Revision!

Read / Download CBSE: Question Bank for Practice – Class X though DIKSHA App

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