Ad Hoc bonus for RPF/RPSF Personnel

The Ministry of Railways has decided to grant ad hoc bonus equal to 30 days of emoluments. for the group C and D Personnel working in RPF/RPSF..  The Calculation of ceiling of Rs. 3,500 would continue to be same.  The method of calculation and eligibility to various categories of persons are detailed in the Railway Board Order.

Full Text of Railway Board Order No.E(P&A)II-2001/Bonus-1 dated 05.10.2011 is given below :

SUBJECT: Grant of ad-hoc bonus for 30 days to the Group C & D RPF/RPSF personnel for the financial year 2010-2011.

The President is pleased to decide that all Group C and D RPF/RPSF personnel, may be granted ad-hoc bonus equivalent to 30 (thirty) days emoluments for the financial year 2010-2011, without any eligibility wage ceiling. The calculation ceiling of  Rs.3500/- will remain unchanged.

2. The benefit will be admissible subject to the following terms and conditions:

a) Only those Group C & D RPF/RPSF personnel who were in service on 31.3.2011 and have rendered at least six months of continuous service during the year 2010-2011 will be eligible for payment under these orders. Pro-rata payment will be admissible to the eligible personnel for period of continuous service during the year ranging from six months to a full year, the eligibility period being taken in terms of number of months of service (rounded to the nearest number of months).

b) The quantum of ad-hoc bonus will be worked out on the basis of average emoluments/calculation ceiling whichever is lower. To calculate ad-hoc bonus for one day, the average emoluments in a year will be divided by 30.4 (average number of days in a month). This will there after be multiplied by the number of days of bonus granted. To illustrate, taking the calculation ceiling of Rs.3500/- (where actual average emoluments exceed  3500), ad-hoc bonus for thirty days would work out to 3500×30/30.4 = Rs.3453.95 (rounded off to Rs.3454/-).

c) All payments under these orders will be rounded off to the nearest rupee.

d) In the matter where the aforesaid provisions are silent, clarificatory orders issued vide this Ministry’s letter No.E(P&A)II-88/Bonus-3 dated 29.12.1988,  as amended from time totime, would hold good.

e) All the Group C & D RPF/RPSF personnel. regardless of whether they are in uniform or out of uniform and regardless of place of their posting, shall be eligible only for ad-hoc bonus in terms of these orders.

3. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.


sd/- (Salim Md. Ahmed)
Deputy Director/E(P&A)III,
Railway Board
New Delhi,dated 5.10.2011

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