Planning Assistants should be upgraded to GP 4600 from the existing GP 4200 – 7th Pay Commission

7th CPC recommends Grade Pay for Planning Assistants

7th Pay Commission has recommended upgradation in pay of Planning Assistants
Planning Assistants

Their association has sought upgradation in pay for the post of Planning Assistant from the existing GP 4200 to GP 4800 and further upgradation to Grade Pay 5400 (PB-3) after completion of four years regular service. To advance their case they have stated that the qualification for direct recruitment of Planning Assistant is a Bachelor of Planning/ Architecture or Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from a recognised University with a two years’ experience in Town Planning, House Layouts etc.

Analysis and Recommendations

The Commission sought the views of Ministry of Urban Development in this regard. The Town and Country Planning Organisation, in its response has supported the demand for a raise to GP 4800 for Planning Assistants, with the proviso that the employees recruited prior to framing of the current Recruitment Rules and presently in service, who do not possess the qualifications as per the current Recruitment Rules may be granted parity subject to their completion of six years’ service in the grade.

The Commission has considered the demand for upgradation in the post of Planning Assistant. Given that the entry level qualification, as per the Recruitment Rules, is Bachelor’s degree with two years’ experience, there exists a case for upgradation in pay of Planning Assistants.

The Commission accordingly recommends that Planning Assistants should be upgraded to GP 4600 from the existing GP 4200.

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