Higher Grade Pay for Sheep Shearer cum Supervisor in CSBF) -7th CPC recommendation

7th Pay Commission has recommended higher Grade Pay for Sheep Shearer cum Supervisor, Central Sheep Breeding Farm (CSBF), Hissar

Sheep Shearer cum Supervisor, Central Sheep Breeding Farm (CSBF)

The Commission has made a comparison of the posts of Sheep Shearer cum Supervisor, CSBF and Stockman in Central Cattle Breeding Farms (CCBF) as given in the table below:






Entry level Qualification






Entry level


Sheep Shearer- cum- Supervisor




X Class or equivalent with certificate in machine shearing and 7 years’ practical experience

(on promotion after 12 years as Shepherd failing which by DR)






Class X with 2 years’ experience.

(100 percent DR)






X Class

The Central Sheep Breeding Farm, Hissar engages Sheep Shearer cum Supervisors. The Sheep Shearer cum Supervisors are in the GP 1900 and have sought upgradation of their pay scale at par with the Stockman in the GP 2400 in CCBF. The administrative department has also urged the Commission to consider placing Sheep Shearer cum Supervisor at the level as that of Stockman in CCBF as his job is equally demanding physically and requires high skills.

Analysis and Recommendations

The Commission has noted that the Sheep Shearer cum Supervisor has no promotional avenue. On the other hand Stockman starts in the GP 2400 and eventually moves up to the GP 4600 as Livestock Officer. The entry qualifications of Stockman and Sheep Shearer cum Supervisor are of similar level. As their nature of duties is also similar, the Commission recommends that the grade pay of Sheep Shearer cum Supervisors be upgraded to the GP 2400. Since the upgradation will involve a jump from the level of Shepherd in the GP1800 to Sheep Shearer cum Supervisor in the GP 2400 after a period of 12 years, the Commission is of the view that the government may consider introducing an appropriate level in between so as to graduate the progression from Shepherd to Sheep Shearer cum Supervisor.

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