Oral Evidence before VII CPC – Request for sufficient time

Oral Evidence before VII CPC – Staff Side JCM requests for sufficient time for Oral Evidence by Constituent Organizations of NC-JCM – As such time allotted to Railway and Defence is very short

National Council (Staff Side)

Joint Consultative Machinery for Central Government Employees

New Delhi

No.AIRF/405(VII   CPC)

Dated. March 20, 2015

The  Secretary,

Seventh  Central  Pay Commission, Chatrapati  Shivaji Bhawan,

1st Floor, B-14/A,

Qutab Institutional  Area, New Delhi 110016

Attn.:  Ms Meena  Agarwal


Dear Madam,

Sub:  Oral  Evidence   of the  AIRF  before  the  VII CPC

Ref.: Secretary,  VII CPC’s  letter No.7CPC/158/Meetings/2015    dated 19.03.2015

We are very much thankful to  Seventh Central Pay Commission   for giving an opportunity   to the Constituent  Organizations  of the National  Council(JCM)   for     Oral Evidence  before the Seventh  Central  Pay Commission,  but at the same we submit that, the time allotted  is quite short,  particularly  for the Railways  and Defence.

It is worthwhile  to mention  here that the VI CPC had given us sufficient time to represent

136 categories  and 13 lakh Railwaymen,  spread throughout  the Indian Railways as well as to other Central Government  Organizations.

We do hope, the VII CPC will appreciate   our viewpoint  and allot sufficient  time to represent the views of the Central Government  employees  of different categories

With regards

Yours Faithfully

(Gopal  Mishra)

Secretary   NC/JCM(Staff    Side)

Source: National Council Staff Side JCM

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