Modified Flexible Complementing Scheme – 7th Pay Commission Report

Modified Flexible Complementing Scheme (MFCS) – 7th CPC observes that merit or justification for expanding the definition of scientific cadres for the purspose of widening the MFCS is to be assessed by the government

7th Pay Commission recommendations on MFCS are reproduced below:
Modified Flexible Complementing Scheme (MFCS)

Following the VI CPC’s recommendations the MFCS was brought into effect from 01.01.2011 in all departments declared as scientific by Ministry of Science and Technology except in DRDO and Departments of Atomic Energy and Space, which have continued with MPS. As per the extant instructions of DoPT dated 10.09.2010, Scientists and Engineers who possess academic qualification of at least Master’s Degree in Natural or Agricultural Sciences or Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Technology or Medicine and hold scientific posts defined therein are covered under MFCS. Holders of MSc (Electronics) and MSc (Applied Electronics) are also covered under MFCS as their degrees have been considered equivalent to Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.

Under MFCS, Scientists are entitled to promotion independent of the vacancy position subject to the fulfilment of eligibility conditions and successful assessment of merit. The assessment norms are rigorous with due emphasis on evaluation of scientific and technical knowledge so that only those scientists who have to their credit demonstrable achievements or higher level of technical merit are recommended for promotion. Promotions under MFCS are however limited to promotion to posts up to the GP 10000. The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) is responsible for the formulation of MFCS guidelines. The Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) applicable across government is available to those scientists who are not found fit for promotion under MFCS.

Present Position

The main departments, where MFCS is applicable are as follows:

·    Ministry of Science and Technology
·    Department of Biotechnology
·    Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
·    Ministry of Environment and Forests
·    Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
·    Ministry of Earth Sciences
·    Ministry of Home Affairs
·    Ministry of Water Resources
·    Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
·    Ministry of Consumer Affairs

The promotional hierarchy under MFCS is linked to residency period and performance and is as follows:


Grade Pay



Minimum Residency Period
Linked to Performance




Scientist G






Scientist F


5 years




Scientist E


5 years




Scientist D


4 years




Scientist C


4 years


5400 (PB-3)


Scientist B


3 years

Thus a Scientist who performs well consistently can reach the SAG level after 21 years of service.

Demands with Regard to MFCS

Demands have been made to extend MFCS to all the departments identified as scientific by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Some cadres covered under MFCS have also expressed  resentment at the tardiness with which the Department Review Committees (DRC) are set up, which leads to long delays in effecting time bound promotions. Some cadres have also pointed out that the residency period as prescribed under the MFCS is relaxed for a few departments, which makes the application of the scheme uneven across government.

While the merit or justification for expanding the definition of scientific cadres is best assessed by the government, the Commission suggests that measures may be put in place to ensure that there are no delays in holding the DPC meeting and further, that application of the scheme is done in a uniform, even handed manner with no selective relaxation.

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