MACP to DSC – Recommendation of 7th Pay Commission

MACP Scheme to DSC Personnel – 7th CPC recommends that DSC Personnel may also be permitted to avail the benefit of MACP

7th Pay Commission has recommended MACP Scheme to DSC Personnel on the grounds that MACP is applicable to all government employees.

Grant of Financial Upgradation under MACP to the DSC Personnel

The proposal of the Services is that the benefit of MACP should be extended to the Defence Security Corps (DSC), on the grounds that they have been implemented for all government employees including defence forces personnel except DSC personnel.

To advance their case it has been contended that Ex-Defence Forces Personnel re-enrolled into DSC are treated as a fresh intake for pay and allowances and do not carry forward the financial and other benefits availed in the former service and are placed in the lowest pay scale in the Pay Band. There is very limited scope for promotion in DSC due to restricted rank structure. Hence, denial of the financial upgradation under MACP Scheme to DSC Personnel, in their view, is totally unjustified.

Analysis and Recommendations

The Commission notes that Defence Security Corps personnel provide cover to the defence installations of the three Services and to civil establishments under the Ministry of Defence. Such personnel are re-employed from amongst retired JCOs/ORs. The benefits of MACPS for civilian personnel is at intervals of 10, 20 and 30 years of continuous regular service. For defence forces personnel three financial upgradations through MACPS are possible in a career span at intervals of 8, 16 and 24 years of service.

Since Defence Security Corps personnel are personnel under the Army, they may also be permitted the benefit of MACP. However this benefit should be limited to a total of three upgrades in the entire service career, both during regular employment and in the course of reemployment as defence service corps personnel. As they are defence forces personnel the benefit of MACP may be extended to them after a period of eight years from their date of re-employment, in case they do not get a promotion.

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