INTUC reports on meeting with 7th Pay Commission

INTUC reports on National Council Staff Side JCM Members meeting with 7th Pay Commission




General Secretary


Date: 25/2/2015


All Affiliated of INDWF

Dear Colleagues,

VII Central Pay Commission invited the Standing council members of National Council of JCM for submission of oral evidence on the JCM/Common memorandum submitted by the National Council constituents to the commission on Pay and Allowances, Pay determination, Minimum and Maximum Pay, Pensionery benefits, Commutations, Revision of Pension forPensioners etc on 25/2/2015 at 11.00 Hrs.

The Standing Committee members attended the meeting with the 7th Central Pay Commission from 11.00 Hrs to 12.30 Hrs and the details are given as under :

1. At the outset Leader and Secretary Staff Side raised the issues that 6th CPC Chairman invited the Standing Committee NC(JCM) for oral evidence on 17th, 18th and 19th April, 2008 on the common memorandum submitted by the National Council Consituents. Therefore, we need minimum three days to supplement and give oral evidence to the VII CPC and oneday for Retirement benefits.

a. Determination Pay and Minimum Pay as well as Maximum Pay

b. Pay and Allowances

c. Special Benefits on particular categories

d. Terminal and Retirement Benefits etc.

After receiving the names and dates for discussion we shall be able to allot time for discussion on those matters mentioned in the memorandum.

2. We have demanded that sufficient time to be given to the Federation to present their respective Ministries/Departments specific problems particularly Railways, Defence, Postal, Health Ministry where the issues are different from each other. Chairman agreed to give time after requestes from the respective Federations.

3. Regarding merger of DA and Granting of interim report on granting Interim Relief as per our request, Chairman said that this has not been included in the Terms of reference. However, we have insisted upon that the erosion of pay due to increase in prices and inflation the DA has crossed more than 100%, therefore merger of DA is important and Interim Relief should be granted. Chairman 7th CPC said there is no mention in the Terms of Reference and there are directives from Government on this issue. However, he assured that he will write a DO letter to the Government whether 7th CPC can consider to recommend and submit an Interim Report on this matter.

The National Council JCM agreed to submit the names of members and dates for further discussion on the memorandum after having internal discussions among us and also approach the Government of India to give directives to 7th CPC for submitting an Interim Relief on merger of DA and Interim Relief for both employees and pensioners.

The meeting ended after the above discussions.

Yours Sincerly,



General Secretary

Source: INTUC

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