Composition of 7th Pay Commission

Composition of 7th Pay Commission – Serving Finance Secretary might be appointed as Member Secretary of 7th Pay Commission

Some Blogs have said that Shri. Raminder Singh Gujral ,IAS, the Finance Secretary , might be appointed as Member secretary of 7th Pay Commission. But the fact is he is retiring from the service on 30th November 2013. New Finance Secretary will be appointed after the approval of the Appointment Committee of the Cabinet. But the issue here is not regarding who will be the next Finance secretary. The issue is ‘can the retiring official be appointed as Member secretary to the 7th Pay Commission? . It is needed to mention that the previous pay commissions did not have retired bureaucrats as its Member secretary. The serving bureaucrats only appointed as Member Sectary of all the Pay commissions except the First Pay Commission.

The first pay Commission did not have a Member secretary. Its secretary was Shri. K.R.P.Aiyangar

The Member Secretaries of later Pay commissions were…

The Second Pay Commission- Shri. L.P. Singh, ICS.

The Third Pay Commission – Shri . Shri H.N. Ray, ICS.

The Fourth Pay Commission – Shri .A.K. Majumdar, IAS.

The Fifth Pay Commission – Shri M.K Kaw,IAS.

The Sixth Pay Commission- Smt.Sushma Nath,IAS.

So the Seventh Pay Commission also will have a serving bureaucrats as its Member secretary

Number of Members of  Central Pay commission

with regard to the number of Members of  the past six pay commissions, there seems to be a declining trend

S.N Pay Commission Members
1 1st pay commission 9
2 2nd pay commission 6
3 3rd pay commission 5
4 4th pay commission 5
5 5th pay commission 3
6 6th pay commission 4


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