Common Demands for 7th Pay Commission – Confederation conducts Seminar

Common Demands for 7th Pay Commission – Confederation conducts Seminar on 18.12.2013 to discuss issues relating to 7th CPC


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As decided in the meeting of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees Karnataka State ( COC ) held on 29-10-2013 at ITEF  and a one day State level  Seminar of all India Central Government Employees will be held on 18-12-2013, Wednesday at Bangalore to discuss common demands of the Central Government Employees for presenting the memorandum to the  7th Central Pay Commission . The Seminar will be addressed by Comrade K.K.N.Kutty, President of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees  New Delhi and Comrade M.Krishnan Secretary General Confederation of Central Govt. Employees  New Delhi .

It is requested to give wide publicity to this seminar so that delegates from all over the State  to attend this Seminar representing  all Central Government Departments, we can a fruitful discussion on the common demands of Central Government Employees . Since the Central Government is likely to set up the 7th Central Pay Commission  in December 2013, hence this seminar will be very vital for CG Employees.

In order to meet the expenses towards food and snacks, printing of memorandum about 50 pages, traveling expenses of the  central leaders a sum of Rs 150/- (one hundred and fifty) will be charged as delegate fee.

The affiliates are requested to intimate well in advance regarding the participation in seminar so that arrangements can be made for the seminar such as food and  printing of memorandum. The affiliates of COC are requested to intimate by 1st December  to the undersigned.

The  minimum delegates  shall be as follows :

NFPE – 70 members   (RMS 10 P3 30 P4 20  DAP 10)

ITEF 30 members, AG’s 10 members, SOI 10 members, Central Excise 10  members

Ground water 10  members, CGHS 10  members, Census 10  members GSI 10  members

CWC 5  members IMD 5 members   ASI  5 members others each 5 members.

If any outstation members require accommodation for stay at Bangalore it is available at  NGO rooms Cubbon park at Rs 250/- for three persons, they can book through their respective associations well in advance .

Comradely yours


General Secretary

Source: Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, Karnataka

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