Chemical  and  Metallurgical Employees to get higher grade pay – 7th CPC Recommendations

7th CPC recommends higher grade pay for Chemical  and  Metallurgical Employees

7th Pay Commission has recommended higher grade pay for Chemical  and  Metallurgical Employees
Chemical & Metallurgical Employees

Nearly 1700 Group `C’ staff and 150 officers of Chemical & Metallurgical Organization are engaged in testing and certification of raw materials and vital safety items, thereby ensuring quality control and safety of travelling public. Their cadre structure is as under:




Grade Pay


Deputy Chief Chemist & Metallurgist




Chemist & Metallurgist




Assistant Chemist & Metallurgist




Chemical & Metallurgical Superintendent




Chemical & Metallurgical Assistant (CMA)



There is 2/3rd direct entry at the level of CMA, with minimum educational qualification required of a degree in Engineering in either Metallurgy or Chemical streams, or a Master’s degree in Chemistry.

Their main contention emanates from Para 3.4.7 of the VI CPC recommendations, which states that “all posts in Subordinate Engineering cadres carrying minimum qualifications of a degree in engineering and having an element of direct recruitment should be placed in the running Pay Band PB-2 . . . along with the GP4600.”On the basis of this para they claim that the post of CMA, which has an element of direct recruitment with minimum qualification of an engineering degree, should carry a GP4600 (instead of 4200) as has been granted to SSEs who are also recruited with entry qualification of degree in Engineering.

They have also sought segregation from the Mechanical Department of the Railways and a separate cadre of their own, with a Member in the Railway Board.

Analysis and Recommendations

The Commission notes that after the implementation of the VI CPC recommendations, the issue of grant to GP 4600 to CMAs was agitated before various benches of the Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal. Arising out of this and in compliance of orders issued by the Principal Bench of the Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal, Delhi, the then Chairman of the Railway Board had issued a Speaking Order in July, 2014. The Ministry of Railways has made a copy of this Speaking Order available to the Commission. The order, while stating that GP 4600 cannot be granted to CMAs, also gives a detailed rationale for arriving at this conclusion.

However, this Commission has taken a consistent stand, in line with the stand taken by the VI CPC, regarding placing posts carrying minimum qualification of a degree in Engineering in GP 4600. We see no reason why this particular cadre should be treated exceptionally.

Accordingly it  is  recommended  that  Chemical  and  Metallurgical  Assistants should be upgraded to GP 4600, Chemical and Metallurgical Superintendents to GP 4800, and Assistant Chemist and Metallurgist to GP 5400 (PB-2).

Regarding creation of a separate cadre, it is an administrative decision which is left to the discretion of the Ministry of Railways. No recommendations are made in this regard.

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