7th Pay Commission Latest News – Two more Committee Meetings in the offing

7th Pay Commission Latest News – Two more Committee Meetings in the offing before final decision on 7th CPC implementation is taken by Govt

7th Pay Commission implementation may take some more timeLatest developments in the process of 7th Pay Commission report by Empowered Committee indicates that decision by the Committee would not be taken as quickly as it was expected earlier.

India.com, a news website from Zee News Group reports that Empowered Committee has called for more data from 7th Pay Commission implementation cell, the administrative wing appointed by govt to process 7th CPC report, after the meeting held last week.

To look into these data and to decide further increase in minimum pay and fitment factor over and above recommended by 7th Pay Commission, two more Empowered Committee Meetings may be held, India.com reports.

Consequently, final decision of Cabinet on implementation of 7th Pay Commission may not be taken this month. However, news sources close to finance ministry indicates that final decision on 7th Pay Commission report may not take much longer. If the Empowered Committee continues to process the report without any break which is the case now, its report would be submitted within a month, after which Cabinet will take its final call.

Earlier, many media reports suggested that Empowered Committee is likely to take a decision of increasing the minimum of Central Government Employees to Rs. 23,500 as against Rs. 18,0000 proposed by 7th Pay Commission.

7th Pay Commission had arrived at the additional burden of Govt on increase in Salary and pension at 23.55 % and 24 % respectively as Rs 73,650 crore for Central Government Employees, Defence Personnel & Pensioners and Rs 28,450 crore for Railway Employees and Pensioners.

Now, it is needless to say, additional increase over and above the pay and allowances recommended by 7th Pay Commission would require more allocation for Central salary than the Budget Estimates.


Source: India.com (Zee News Group)