7th Pay Commission meeting with JCM Staff Side – Brief of Meeting

7th Pay Commission meeting with JCM Staff Side on 23rd and 24th March 2015 – Brief of the meeting given by Secretary (Staff Side) – Interim Relief and Merger of DA can be considered only if Terms of Reference are amended

Sailent Points of discussions between 7th CPC and NC, Staff Side JCM

    • 7CPC’s query for multiplication factor 3.7 proposed by staff side for arriving at Revised 7th CPC Pay has been explained to 7CPC in detail.
    • 7th Pay Commission to adopt Minimum Wage Concept (Dr. Aykhrod Formula) as the principle of wage determination
    • 7th CPC appriciated the proposal of Staff Side for Fitment Formula and Fixation of Pay on Promotion
    • No Commitment was given by 7CPC on Date of Effect of 7th Pay Commission revised Pay.
    • 7th CPC suggested for approaching Govt to amend the terms of reference on the issue of GDS.

Text of Letter No. NC/JCM/2015 dated 25.03.2015 of Shri.Shiva Gopal Mishra, Secretary (Staff Side), National Council, Staff Side JCM is as follows

Dated: March 25, 2014


Dear Comrades,

The 7th CPC had asked the JCM Staff Side to present their case before the Commission for wage revision on 23rd and 24th March 2015. Accordingly, the Standing Committee of the Staff Side met on 22nd  March and  again  23rd   March  2015. The presentation was  made on 23rd   and 24th   March  2015  before the Commission.

We have discussed the memorandum, chapter wise and the Commission made a very patient hearing and interacted with us seeking clarifications on certain matters. It is not possible to provide a detailed account of the discussions. However, we are to inform you that we came out of the discussion with a very good impression and satisfaction.

1.               The Commission will adopt Minimum Wage Concept (Dr. Aykhrod Formula) as the principle of wage determination. They will however, collect the retail rates of the commodities that go into the basket.

2.               We have pleaded for the adoption of the best international practices while fixing the highest salary.

3.               On the demands for Interim Relief and Merger of DA, the Commission finally said that those can only be considered if Terms of Reference are amended.

4.               The Commission agreed that there had been reduction in the sanctioned strength and working strength over the years despite the increased workload.

5.               They have also noted that there was substantial reduction in percentage terms of the expenses on salary and wages over the years.

6.               The Commission enquired, as to how multiplication factor of 3.7 was arrived at. The same was explained in detail.

7.               Fitment Formula and the demand on Fixation of Pay on Promotion, were appreciated as the rationale was explained.

8.               Date of effect: No commitment or comment was made by the Commission. The Staff Side explained, as to how they compromised by shifting the date from. 01.01.2011 to 01.01.2014.

9.                The institution of Special Pay, especially in the wake of de-layering was explained.

10.             Common Categories: We have requested the upgradation and amalgamation of the cadres of LDC with UDC and the need for bringing about parity in pay scales of the Subordinate Offices with the Central Secretariat. The problems of Staff Car Drivers were also elaborated. The contractorisation and casualisation at lower level positions and the consequent exploitation of the labour were discussed at length. The Commission has made a proposal to do away with the contractorisation/casualisation.  Staff side will discuss the proposal and will send its views to the Commission in due course.

11.              Classification of Posts: Our proposal has not been found favour.

12.              GDS: While sympathizing with the Staff Side, the Commission wanted them to approach the Government with a view to amend the Terms of Reference.

13.             Allowances  and  Advances:  Detailed  discussions  were  held  on  HRA,  CCA,  Transport Allowance, CEA and Special Allowance for personnel posted at North East Region. Chapters dealing with the facilities was also discussed at length, including compassionate appointment. On holidays, we have requested to include May Day in the list of holidays. The background of observance of May Day was enquired by the Commission and explained.

14.              Pension and Retirement Benefit – NPS: Commission stated categorically that NPS being an

Act of Parliament, they will not make any comment thereon.

Pension Computation: The rationale of 67% was explained and appreciated.

Minimum Pension: our demand for 2/3rd of the Minimum Wage was also explained.

Parity in pension of past and present pensioners was fully explained, linked with one rank – one pension scheme for Defence Personnel.  We have pleaded that Civilian Pensioners should not be discriminated against. Demand for Additional Pension for both Pensioners and Family Pensioners was explained. All matters concerning Family Pension were also discussed. So also, gratuity to be computed in accordance with the Gratuity Act.

There was good response for the demands from the Commission.

Restoration of commuted value of pension: The Commission will enquire the views of the Government as to what is their objection to the demand.

Medical facilities for pensioners and discrimination between Pensioners in CGHS area and CCS(MA) Area as also the Postal Pensioners was brought home including the higher Fixed Medical Allowance for ESI persons.

Certain clarifications/elucidations have been asked for by the Commission. To provide such clarifications, another meeting with the Commission might be held after the Commission’s interaction with other organizations. The Staff Side may meet the Commission after their interaction with the other organizations are over.
Source: Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers

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