7th Pay Commission – Housing facilities and House Building Advance proposed by JCM

7th Pay Commission – Housing facilities and House Building Advance proposed by National Council, Staff Side, JCM in the Memorandum submitted to 7th CPC

The non-availability of housing accommodation in all towns and cities of India has become acute. The  rent  per  month  even  for  a  modest  accommodation  is  beyond  the  capacity  of  the Government employees.  Elsewhere in the memorandum, we have suggested for increasing   the rate of HRA.  The acceptance of our suggestion, will also not change the situation significantly. We want the 7th CPC to look into the various suggestions made by the 5th CPC in the matter of housing facilities and house building advance, which were not acted upon by Government.  Had the Government been good enough to accept even some of the suggestions made by the 5th CPC, it would have gone a   long way to ameliorate the difficulties faced by the Government employees and low paid workers.  Their main suggestions were:

To achieve housing satisfaction level of 70% at Delhi and at least 40% in all other town/cities.

To take on lease, the accommodation from private property to allot to the employees.

The land and building acquired by the Income Tax Department as part of their acquisition proceedings   may   be   utilised   for   constructing   residential   accommodations   for Government employees.

We request the 7th CPC to reiterate these suggestions and recommend for its acceptance.

House Building Advance:

House Building Advance encourages the employees to own houses at a fairly early stage of their employment.  This will also reduce the demand for residential accommodations.  We have noticed certain  difficulties  encountered by the  employees  in obtaining the advance.  The prescribed procedure requires amendments  so as to enable the employees to comply with it properly.  We make the following suggestions to improve the present procedure.

1.   To simplify the procedure

2.   To exempt the stamp duty when the property is required to be mortgaged and de- mortgaged.

3.   To increase the advance to 50 times of the Salary

4.   Since the repayment of the advance is to be made in a span of not more than 20 years, the employees must be made entitled to the advance on completion of 5 years, which is presently 10 years.

5.   In the case of a Government employee, who do not have the service period of 10 years, for repayment to adjust his entire gratuity may be incorporated in the rules.

6.   The maximum ceiling limit to be raised appropriately on the basis of the new pay scales.

7.   To reduce the rate of Interest at not more than 5%.

8.   To make the Government employees entitled for the advance for purchasing second- hand or used houses

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Download Detailed Memorandum dated 30.06.2014 submitted by National Council Staff Side JCM to 7th Pay Commission

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