Russian Translators to get more grade pay – 7th CPC recommendations

7th CPC recommends for upgradation of grade pay for Russian Translators cum Interpreters

Translators-cum-Interpreters (Foreign Languages)

There are posts of Translators-cum-Interpreters (Foreign Languages) in the ministries of Defence, External Affairs, Communication, Science and Technology and Cabinet Secretariat etc.

The cadre of Interpreters of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), in their demand, has pointed out that no cadre review has taken place for their cadre in the last 38 years.

The cadre of Russian translators in Integrated Headquarters of MOD (Navy) has contended that they have the same entry level qualification and nature of duties as translators of other languages in the same office, but are placed in a lower pay scale.

Analysis and Recommendations

In so far as the case of Interpreters in MEA is concerned, the Commission is of the view that cadre review is an administrative issue and should be dealt with at the level of MEA only.

Regarding the case of Russian translators in the Ministry of Defence, the Commission studied the job profiles and educational qualifications required for Russian translators, vis-à- vis their Chinese, Sinhalese and Pushto counterparts. The Commission finds merit in their demand for upgrade and accordingly recommends that Russian Translation Officers should be upgraded from the existing GP 4600 to GP 5400 (PB-3). Similarly, Russian Senior Translation officers should be upgraded from existing GP 5400 (PB-3) to GP 6600 and Russian Editors from existing GP 6600 to GP 7600.

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