Processing of files received by DOPT for advise/clarification


The Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) referred to their OM dated 13.10.2010 wherein the detailed procedure for processing of files referred to DOPT for advice/clarification etc. were circulated.  The DOPT has noted that a number of references, especially those relate to Court cases, are sent to DOPT without correctly following the prescribed procedure.   The Ministry has  observed that, since these instructions are not being implemented in true spirit, it  contributes to procedural delays/grievances and litigations.

The DOPT further  observed that the files relating to Court Cases are referred to them at the last moment leaving very little time for processing of the case. Most of the time, issues on which this Department’s advice is sought is not indicated clearly which add to further delays.  Hence, the instructions in the matter has been reiterated for strict compliance. 

For complete details, download OM No. F.No.20034/2/2010-Estt. (D) dated 30.11.2011

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