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1800 GP to Group D Staff died/retired before training

The Controller General of Defence Accounts (DGCA)  New Delhi, has considered the references  seeking clarifications as to how to determine the grade pay of those non matriculate Group ‘D’ employees who retired or died in harness after the notification of RPR 2008 but before being imparted the requisite training to be eligible for grant of Grade Pay of Rs. 1800/- in Pay Band-1.  t

The CGDA has noted that since RPR 2008 is silent on the issue, the matter was referred to Ministry of Defence (Finance)/ DoP&T for issue of necessary clarification on the subject matter. DoP&T to whom the matter was referred have advised that in all such cases the individual concerned be granted Grade Pay of Rs. 1800/- in Pay Band-1 w.e.f. the same date from which retrained eligible employees were placed in Pay Band and Grade Pay in accordance with the Ministry of Finance,Deptt. of Expenditure, clarification issued vide OM No.7/19/2010-E.III(A) dated 02.8.2010. 

Therefore, the DGCA has  directed that further necessary action to regulate the Grade Pay of all affected Group “D” employees of your organization who died or retired after implementation of RPR 2008 but before being imparted the requisite training may  be taken.


For complete details, download the DGCA New Delhi Order dated 8.6.2011

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