NPS Contribution – FAQs

A subscriber contributes 10% of his Basic Salary + DA into his Tier-I (pension) account on a mandatory basis every month which is invested along with the matching contribution from the employer. Further, Subscriber can contribute voluntarily through online contribution facility ( or through Point of Presence (POP). POP list is available on the CRA website ( under ‘Quick Links’.

In case of Tier I account, Subscriber’s associated Nodal Office is uploading his/ her monthly pension contribution in CRA system along with the transfer of funds to the Trustee Bank appointed for this purpose. CRA will match the contribution details uploaded by the Nodal Office and the amount confirmed to be received by Trustee Bank and instruct the Pension Fund Managers to invest the contribution as per your scheme setup preference. The units created are credited by CRA to your Permanent Retirement account.

No. Contribution amount in case of Tier I is deducted from the Salary of the Subscriber by the employer i.e. Central/ State Government Office. Further, subscriber can voluntarily contribute over and above mandatory contribution in Tier I account to avail exclusive tax benefit.

Govt. Employees can voluntarily contribute for Tier II account and the minimum requirement is given below:

  • Minimum contribution at the time of account opening- Rs. 500/-
  • Minimum amount per contribution- Rs. 250/-

For Tier II, Subscribers can submit the contribution Online by visiting or through NPS Mobile App and make payment through Net Banking/ Credit Card/ Debit Card.

Subscribers can also contribute through any of the POP-SP or through associated Nodal Office.

Yes. To contribute in NPS, only Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) is required. Once PRAN is allotted to a Subscriber, contribution can be made irrespective of whether PRAN card is received or not.

Subscriber can view the total value of holdings in the following ways:

  • View Transaction Statement which displays the total value of funds as on date by accessing CRA System ( using the User ID and I-PIN provided by CRA.
  • View Statement of Holding through by accessing CRA System.
  • View current holdings in NPS Mobile App.
  • Request transaction statement on e-mail ID through IVR (CRA toll free number)
  • Know the holdings with the help of Quarterly SMS alerts sent by CRA.
  • Monthly Transaction Statement pdfs send to subscriber’s registered email ID

Under Tier II, there should be at least 1 contribution in a financial year.

For Tier II, Subscribers can submit the contribution to any of the POP-SP. List of POP-SPs are available at CRA website Subscriber can select a nearest POP-SP.

For Tier II account, there will be a time lag between the time a subscriber deposits Cash/DD/cheque with the POP-SP and the time of credit of units to his / her account, which may range upto 15 working days at the time of initial registration and upto 7 working days for subsequent contribution. Once the contribution is credited to his / her account, an e-mail alert as well as a SMS alert will be sent to the registered e-mail ID and mobile number of the subscriber. This service is currently available to State Government employees and the same will be made available to the Central Government employees shortly.

Under NPS, Subscriber accounts are identified by unique PRAN allotted to them by CRA. The Nodal office can remit for Tier I account, once PRAN is generated and need not wait till receipt of PRAN Kit from CRA. However, in order to activate the Tier II account, subscriber needs to submit a copy of the PRAN Card along with the duly filled UOS-S10 form. (Except in case of Non-IRA compliant Subscriber, wherein Tier II can be activated without PRAN card).