What are I-Pin and T-pin in new pension Scheme?

NSDL, the central record keeping agency appointed by Government to handle all the accounts of New Pension Scheme subsribers is offering I-pin and T-pin to all NPS subscribers who have a valid PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account).

To know how to get a valid PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account) check the following previous gconnect article

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Once you got a valid PRAN go the following webpage of NSDLwhich is the login page. The separate window is provided for subscribers of NPS

Click here to to go to CRA Login page

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Login using I PIN

First Time login:
After logging to CRA website for the first time, you will have to accept to the terms and conditions for using CRA website and Interactive Voice Response facility (IVR). On acceptance of the terms and conditions, you will be directed to set your new password for using CRA website. You should also set your secret question for the purpose of resetting your I-Pin, in the event you forget your I-Pin.
Access to CRA denied:
Access to CRA may be denied due to the following reasons:
  • Incorrect PRAN provided
  • Incorrect I-Pin provided – If you have forgotten your I-Pin, you may reset it by answering the secret question or submit a request for a re-issue of I-Pin through your POP-SP.
"As a safety measure to prevent unauthorized access, the account will be locked if the subscribers uses wrong password for five consecutive attempts. The subscriber shall have an option to reset the I-Pin by answering the secret question even after the account is locked. In case the subscriber is not able to remember the answer to the secret question and is unsuccessful in resetting the password, the subscriber shall have to submit a request for reissue of I-Pin."
To prevent misuse please:
  • Change your I-Pin after your first login
  • Memorize your I-Pin and password and destroy the I-Pin mailer
  • Do not write your I-Pin for reference
  • Do not disclose your I-Pin to anyone
  • Your password should be minimum eight characters and maximum fourteen characters. It is advisable to use combination of alphabets and numeric in your password
  • It is advisable to change your I-Pin regular

The advantages of I-Pin:

  • The I-pin holders can access the CRA system and check the accounts details like address, bank account details and nomination details for both Tier I and Tier II NPS accounts
  • The I-pin holders can generate statement of holding for both Tier I and Tier II which gives them the latest valuation of their total investment.
  • The I-pin holders can generate statement of transaction for the last three financial years including the current financial year for both Tier I and Tier II accounts.
  • The I-pin holders can track the credit of monthly conribution into their Tier I account.
  • The I-pin holders can register a complaint against CRA or Nodal Office after logging into CRA system. Once a complaint is raised, system generates a token number which can be used later to track status of the complaint.


CRA also issues T-pin to all valid Permanent Retirement Account holders (PRAN).

Advantages of T-pin:

  • T-pin is useful to speak to NSDL (Central Record keeping agency for NPS).
  • T-pin holder can dial the toll free helpline number (1800222080) using the T-pin allotted to them for any query or complaint.
  • The T-pin holder can also access Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and avail the services such as change of T-pin, check holding details, check status of any fund manager schemes, check accounts details, enquire details of last contribution credit, check details of last withdrawal request and request statement of transaction for last three financial years.
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