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PFRDA Revised Guidelines in respect of Contribution Collection and  Service Charges for opening NPS accounts for NRls

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PFROA/ 2016/CORP/23/1

January  12, 2016


All Points of Presence, Central  Recordkeeping  Agency

Subject:  Revised  Guidelines   in  respect  of Contribution Collection and Service
Charges for opening  NPS accounts for NRls

With  a view  to promote NPS among  Non-Resident   Indians (NRls),  through  Points of Presence (POPs)  the  following changes   have   been   made   in  the  service   charge structure  and contribution  collection.

A.  Service  Charge  structure  applicable  to POPs   for  NPS accounts  for NRls  sourced and serviced  abroad  :

Intermediary  Charge Head Service Charges Method of
POP Initial Subscriber Registration USD 8 or Equivalent  in local currency. To be Collected Upfront
Initial Subscriber & all
Subsequent  Contribution
USD 1,  or Equivalent in local  currency or 1%, whichever is higher subject  to maximum of
USD 8 or Equivalent  in local
currency .
All Non-Financial Transaction USD 1, or Equivalent  in local currency

(i)  Charges  for all other  intermediaries remain the same.

(ii) For NPS account of NRIs sourced domestically but serviced abroad, i.e. contribution  and other  non-financial transactions being done abroad by the POP, the charge for overseas servicing would  apply.

(iii)    For NPS account  of NRI sourced  overseas  but serviced  in India i.e. contribution and  other  non-financial   transaction being done  in   India,  the  charge  for  domestic servicing  under the existing  All Citizen Model would apply.

(iv)   The contribution  amounts shall  be paid by the  NRls  either by inward  remittance through  normal  banking  channels  or out of funds  held  in their own  NRE/FCNR/NRO account.

B.  Contribution structure for NPS Accounts when serviced abroad would be as under:

Particulars Tier I  Tier II
Minimum Contribution  at the  time  of account opening Rs.6,000/- Rs.2,000/-
Minimum amount per contribution Rs.2,000/-  Rs.2,000/-
Minimum contribution  in  a   financial year Rs.6,000/- Rs.2,000/-
Minimum frequency of contributions per financial year 1  1

While servicing these accounts domestically, the contribution criteria will remain the same as applicable to the existing NPS A/cs under the All Citizen Model.

2. Once the NRI status of the subscriber changes to Resident status, the subscriber will inform the same to CRA/POP for updating the same in the CRA system.

Yours faithfully

(Akhilesh Kumar)

Deputy General Manager

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