NPS Nomination Form

NPS Nomination Form – Employees covered by NPS have to provide the nomination details in the NPS Annexure S2 form



Date: October 14, 2013

Deputy Commissioner

Pr.AO, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,

New Shahid Jeet Singh Marg

New Delhi – 110602

Reg. No.: 3001876

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Nomination details for subscribers.

As you are aware, providing of nominee details by subscribers in the subscriber registration form (or through Annexure S2 form) is of utmost importance as it reduces the inconvenience/operational difficulties in processing of withdrawal requests upon death of the subscriber. There are certain subscribers underlying your office who have not yet provided nomination details (for these subscribers, nomination is not registered in CRA system).

You are requested to advise these subscribers to provide the nomination details so that these details can be captured in the CRA system by your underlying office. The subscribers can provide the nomination details in the S2 form or the form RN-402 as provided by PFRDA for registration of nomination (copy enclosed). Once the nomination details are provided by the subscribers, these details can be updated in the CRA system by your underlying offices.
Some of the subscribers may also be Non-IRA compliant. For these subscribers, you are requested to ensure that subscriber registration forms (S1 forms) submitted by these subscribers contain valid nomination details as well.
An email in this regard has already been sent to your office and the underlying PAOs.

Thanks & Regards.

Central Recordkeeping Agency (National Pension System)
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