Government Employees under NPS – Processing of withdrawal requests due to death, resignation etc

Procedure to provide pre-matured withdrawal requests in the case of Government Employees covered under NPS due to death, resignation etc


Subject:  Processing of withdrawal requests of Non IRA Compliant subscribers

PFRDA has issued necessary instructions to CRA with respect to the withdrawal guidelines for Non IRA Compliant subscribers in case of government servants who have died or resigned. The said information is being re-iterated hereunder for the information of all stakeholders for a better appreciation of the matter.
The following are the details of the process to be followed:
Exit from NPS arising out of
Exit from NPS before the age of normal
superannuation & arising out of resignation
  • Certification from the concerned PAO/DTO/DDO (attached as annexure I)
  • Affidavit from the claimant (attached as Annexure II.)
  • Filling of respective death claim form along with relevant details

Subscriber has to:
  • Submit duly filled S1 form for enabling the complete data capture in CRA system. No PRAN generation activity will be undertaken.
  • Submit duly filled Withdrawal form along with all relevant details and documents.

2.  In case of death where PPAN was assigned but corresponding PRAN was not generated and the respective contribution is held with the concerned employer/department, then, the respective employer/department may take appropriate decision at their end.
Source: PFRDA

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