e-investment Choice for Government sector subscribers of NPS: PFRDA

e-investment Choice for Government sector subscribers of NPS: PFRDA

e-investment Choice for Government sector subscribers of NPS: PFRDA Circular dated 01.08.2022


Circular No: PFRDA/2022/17/SUP-CRA/05

1 Aug 2022



All Stakeholders under Government Sector

Subject: e-investment Choice for Government sector subscribers

As per the Gazette Notification F. No. 1/3/2016-PR dated 31st January 2019, the Central Government NPS Subscribers are allowed with the choice of Pension Funds (PFs) and Investment Pattern in Tier I account w.e.f. 1st April 2019. The Government subscribers are empowered to choose any one of the Pension Funds (PFs). However, the current provision of combination of Public Sector PFs continue to be available as default option for existing as well as new Government subscribers.

2. The Central Government NPS Subscribers can choose any one of the available PFs and Investment Option as per their choice among the following:

A. Active Choice – 100% Allocation into Government Securities
B. Conservative Auto Choice – 25% Allocation in Equity Asset Class
C. Moderate Auto Choice – 50% Allocation in Equity Asset Class

The Asset allocation as mentioned above can be changed two times in a year and PF can be changed once in a year. The Subscribers who are associated with State Governments & Autonomous Bodies of State/Centre can also exercise choice of PF and Investment pattern, if respective Autonomous Bodies and State Governments have permitted the choice.

3. Hitherto, authorization from the Nodal Office was required for processing the application for changing the Investment Pattern (PF/Asset Allocation) wnen such requests are submitted online or Offline. In the interest of the subscribers and to simplify the process, it has been decided to allow the change in Investment choice online, wherein the subscriber can submit the request directly in the CRA login and which has to be authenticated through OTP (One Time Password) received on the Registered Mobile/Email-id. The process flow for the same attached as Annexure for ready reference.

4. Once the Subscriber opts for Investment Choice, the accumulated Tier I contributions shall be redeemed and reinvested in new scheme as per defined process and within specified timelines. Further all the subsequent contributions thereon will be invested in the new investment choice opted by the Subscriber. The Subscribers are advised to independently evaluate the performance of asset class and PF before making the investment choice of their own. The subscribers can also revert to Default pattern of investment as per guidelines, if they choose to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Digitally signed by K
Chief General Manager


Process flow for Change of Investment Choice for Govt Sector Subscribers

1. e-Investment Choice by Logging Online into the CRA System:

  • Subscribers may raise an online request by logging into the CRA System.
  • This request will be an OTP based request and hence, it is imperative that the Subscribers’ Mobile No/Email ID is registered with CRA.
  • The request initiated online by the Subscriber can be self-authorized and authorization from Nodal Office is not required in the CRA System.

2. Through Physical Mode:

  • Subscribers may submit physical Scheme Preference Change Request Form to the associated Nodal Office.
  • The Subscriber is required to download Form GOS-S3 (Request for Scheme Preference Change) from CRA website and submit the duly-filled form to associated Nodal Office.
  • The Nodal Office is required to capture and authorize the Scheme Preference Change request in the CRA System.

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